Port of Auckland

The Ports of Auckland have commissioned a feasibility study to look at alternative methods for powering cruise ships when in port via shorepower off the country's power grid, according to a statement sent to media.

The study will also consider a range of alternatives including LNG or methanol-powered barges to generate ship’s power, and the use of low-sulphur fuels to reduce emissions.

Ports of Auckland CEO Tony Gibson said :“We have set ourselves the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025 and having zero emissions by 2040. This work will support both those goals. Initially we will look at the feasibility of providing alternative power just for cruise ships, but we aim to extend that across the whole port longer term.”

“In carrying out the study, we will work closely with Vector to understand the capability of the local grid, and with cruise lines to understand their capabilities and future requirements,” he added.

The study is due to be completed by April 2017.