GEA has announced its PerformancePlus service option, promising to go far beyond routine preventive maintenance and complement its Industry 4.0 program.

The company said in a prepared statement that by combining modern condition monitoring technologies with its industry expertise, it can provide customers with monitoring services, comprehensive analysis reports and reliable optimization recommendations.

In turn, it said, customers will also receive information that makes business decisions easier and addresses challenges they face to achieve specific performance-related goals.

According to GEA, PerformancePlus will create transparency about the current “health status” of equipment, increase its availability, ensure optimum productivity, bring efficiency optimization potential to light and enable sustainable equipment utilization.

The tool is said to also enable a speedy evaluation of the opportunities and risks of changing production requirements; orders can be assessed and economically scheduled in turn leading to higher productivity for customers.

PerformancePlus will initially be available for GEA separators and later extended to other GEA product groups.

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