Project Phoenix Update

Rumors and speculations regarding Project Phoenix continue to flourish as the year progresses. The newspaper, Norges Handelsog Sjofartstidende, reported on March 27, that unless something dramatic happened, the approximate $450-million contract to build the giant ship would be given to the German Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft.

A surprised Knut Klaster, NCL Chair­man of the Board, denies this claim, however, insisting that several shipyards are still being considered, and that a decision won't be made until later this year.

To get a sampling of some thoughts on Project Phoenix, CIN asked several people in the cruise industry their impressions. Some of the responses were:

"Everyone is intrigued!" - Travel Editor, Trade Press
"Bold and imaginative approach." - Cruise Line President
"You need more than just size to attract people; the on-board facilities must offset the scariness of size." - Travel Editor, Trade Press
"It will bring many new people into cruising." - Cruise Line President
"Kloster's an optimist. Cities are exactly what people want to get away from." - Cruise Line President
"I haven't heard of Phoenix." - Travel Editor, Trade Press
"Is that the ship with the marina inside?" - Travel Editor, Trade Press
"Beyond 1800 or 2000 passengers, you start to reach diseconomies of scale from the standpoint of human engineering." - Carnival Cruises V.P.

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