The new cruise terminal under construction in Montreal will open next May, according to Yves Gilson, director, marketing and cruises for the Port of Montreal.

“We have a temporary terminal we set up for this (2016) season,” he said. “We bought a big tent which will then become the secondary terminal.”

Thus, due to demand and potential congestion, the port will have two terminals starting in 2017, with the state-of-the-art new facility set to operate alongside the temporary-turned-permanent second terminal.

Among the new highlights of the $78 million (CAN) facility will be more streamlined operations, said Gilson.

“Everything will be in the ground level,” he said. “There will be a direct connection for grey water and shore power, it will be a modern facility.”

The build is happening with the thought of a 365-day operational profile in mind, with the terminal serving as an event space on non-cruise days.

“We are looking to generate revenue from the terminal year-round,” said Gilson.

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