Announcing its first ever summer advertising campaign in North America, Jonathan Reap, managing director of Tahiti Tourisme, said: “Traditionally, we have our primary branding campaigns in the market in the first and fourth quarters, but with the saturation of media around the upcoming election and to maximize on the ongoing interest in The Islands of Tahiti from our Q1/Q2 campaign, we wanted to take advantage of the momentum in the marketplace this summer, setting the stage for increased visitors to the islands this fall into Q1 of 2017.”

The campaign will focus on print and digital channels in the North American market.

This past January, Tahiti Tourisme introduced the concept of Mana globally through a new integrated advertising and branding campaign. Tahitians believe Mana to be the life force and spirit that surrounds and connects all living things.

The branding platform, “Embraced by Mana” highlighted the many sides of The Islands of Tahiti by blending iconic imagery and Tahitian culture. The summer campaign will continue this story with new imagery and additional stories about the many sides of The Islands of Tahiti.

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