Cap Sante International, a global provider of lifeboat service and marine safety products, has received USCG approval to establish the US Survival Craft Training Center located in Anacortes, Washington.  The training center trains professional seafarers in all aspects of survival craft and water survival techniques and complies with International Maritime Organizations (IMO) Standards for Training Certifications and Watchstanding (STCW) requirements.

“We are excited about this initiative.” explained Capt. Patrick Boyle Cap Sante’s Master Instructor and Head of the company’s Marine Education Programs, “Education in combination with good maintenance practices and quality materials makes mariners safer.  Cap Sante International is leading the way in all three of these aspects. Boyle added, “We have gotten enormous support from the local port and marine community and our operating area in the San Juan Islands provides an ideal setting for challenging, realistic, training.”

The fast rescue boat (FRB) class is an intensive 3-day course which includes a combination of classroom and hands-on training. The students learn maneuvering techniques, search and rescue methods, and perform “in-water” survival and capsize drills to complete their certification.

“We started with the Fast Rescue Boat course first because there is no other training of this kind available on the US West Coast. Considering the number of passenger ships and ferries that have these craft onboard, we believe the demand for this training is an emerging market.”

The company which has been recognized internationally by ship classification societies such a Lloyds Register of Shipping (LR) and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and from Coast Guard Agencies in the US, Canada and the United Kingdom. They hope to be able to receive endorsements from these organizations for their training center as well. Cap Sante also provides and export version of these training courses to conduct them on ships when that is necessary. The company will continue to add additional survival craft courses, likely expanding to life rafts and other rescue craft in the coming year.