Apollo Group Signs TUI Discovery for Hotel Product

The Apollo Group has been contracted for the TUI Discovery to provide the entire hotel product aboard, from administration to food preparation and serving, housekeeping, provisioning and crewing, Philippe Faucher, vice president of European operations and global development fro Apollo, told Cruise Industry News.

Speaking from the Navantia shipyard in Cadiz, Spain, Faucher said Apollo was assisting in the refit of the Discovery, formerly the Splendour of the Seas.

“This is a really exciting project,” he said. “We are contributing to the product overhaul, from changing uniforms to a more modern and contemporary look, more trendy food and more modern and international service.”

He said that Apollo can draw on a network of loyal and dedicated crewing agents across the globe to provide top notch talent. The company also has a training program that immerses new recruits into the client’s environment and has expanded its top tier management to maintain a structured and processed approach to growth.

In addition to managing the Discovery for Thomson Cruises, Apollo is managing the Celebration and the Dream for the UK brand. The company is also servicing six vessels for Oceania Cruises and four for Regent Seven Seas Cruises, with about 6,000 crew members, thus operating across different market segment and passenger demographics.

“We have the ability to move rapidly as we are a small nucleus of decision makers and can adapt and enhance according to clients’ requests,” Faucher said.

“We always look out for the interest of our clients; their success is our success. We are very good listeners and have a pool of experienced professionals dedicated to our clients and delivering a continuously evolving product.”



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