Visitors to the MSC Cruises website ( can now locate the position of the line’s ships around the world and see live images from each ship.

Two webcams have been positioned on the prow and pool decks of each of the ships in the “Musica” class (MSC Musica, MSC Orchestra and MSC Poesia) and on MSC Sinfonia; webcams are slated to be installed on the other ships in the fleet over the next few weeks.

By clicking on “Fleet” and then “Webcam,” site visitors can see the position of each ship almost in real time. The site displays the Latitude and Longitude coordinates of each ship and marks the ships’ exact positions on a map. A second click on the ship image opens another page that displays full-screen images of what the webcams see.

The coordinates are updated every 5 minutes change in latitude or longitude and the pictures are updated every 10 minutes.

“This allows family and friends at home to get a clear picture of where our ships and our guests are at any time of the day or night,” says Richard E. Sasso, president and CEO of MSC Cruises (USA).