Beer drinkers around the world have long appreciated Budweiser’s quality and heritage.  Now fans of “The Great American Lager” are invited to discover the newest member of the Budweiser family – Budweiser American Ale – available beginning Sept. 15.

Robust and well-rounded, Budweiser American Ale’s rich amber color and bright, hoppy finish is the ideal counterpart to Budweiser’s signature golden, crisp flavor.  However, the quality and balance remain, making Budweiser American Ale – much like its well-known sibling – the perfect balance of malt and hop refreshment … in an ale.

Budweiser American Ale is an all-malt, top-fermented ale brewed with barley from America’s heartland and dry hopped with Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest.  The beer is best served in a bulbed pint glass to showcase the rich, amber color and channel the sweet malt and spicy Cascade hop aromas to the nose.

Watch for more news about Budweiser American Ale to come in the next month.

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