At press time, the Roval Majesty which ran aground last week 10 miles east of Nantucket while on the final leg of a Bermuda cruise, has not received U.S. Coast Guard certification to sail while carrying passengers.

Prior to Coast Guard clearance, however, the ship's operator, Majesty Cruise Line, issued a release that the vessel is "structurally intact" and "will resume its seven-night Bermuda cruises this Sunday, June 18, 1995 as scheduled."

However, according to First District Coast Guard spokesman Petty Officer Greg Robinson, although no water or fuel leakage has been found so far, some dents to the hull measuring about 8 feet x 15 feet will have to be repaired before the ship is certified.

The ship ran aground on a sandy shoal, which initially was determined to be outside of a marked shipping lane, said Lt. Paul Wolf, while carrying 989 passengers and 500 crew.

Meanwhile, a formal board of inquiry was convened in Boston to determine what caused the Royal Majesty to run aground and how to prevent furure incidents.

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