Mechanical problems continue to plague Celebrity Cruises' Millennium. Following a brief power outage on its inaugural cruise, then an unscheduled drydock at Newport News Shipbuilding to repair a vibrational problem - which was rumored be less than a 100 percent fix - the ship has now been hindered by an unrelated glitch with the electrical motor in one of its Mermaid pod propulsion units. According to a spokesperson, the motor is working at 50 percent, reducing the maximum speed from 24 knots to 20 knots.

As a result, the ship has been spending two to four hours less in selected ports of call. No repair solution bad been finalized at press time, although the spokesperson confirmed that one possibility under consideration was yet another drydocking.

Asked about the Millennium's recent vibrational fix, the spokesperson said, "The company is very happy with the work that was done, and the full benefits achieved from the stem hull modification are still being evaluated." Asked about rumors that the Infinity will be delayed yet again as hull modifications are made to that ship while under construction, the spokesperson said that no additional delays had been announced.

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