On the 25th of June the International Maritime Museum Hamburg opened his door to the public

Hamburg. Hamburg has a new sea mark! On Wednesday, 25th June 2008, Horst Köhler, President of Germany, Hamburg’s First Mayor Ole von Beust and Professor Peter Tamm opened the International Maritime Museum Hamburg (IMMH).

The nine exhibition decks in the historic Kaispeicher / Warehouse B tell the story of explorers and conquerors, of captains and simple seamen – an expedition through 3000 years of human history. While viewing the exhibits, visitors discover new horizons and feel the temptation of distant shores. They experience the challenges provided by nature, showing people their limits time and again. Visitors come to understand how the development of sea travel has been driven by curiosity and the strive for power.

The “IMMH” is located in the new HafenCity area. It offers to the cruise passengers an easy access within a 7 minutes walk form the pier and is hence an attractive point of interest. Either as a pre or post program, as well as a shore excursion during a transit call, it is easily to reach from the Hamburg Cruise Center.