Oceania Introduces New Dessert Pastries

Oceania Cruises has announced that its cuisine is becoming a bit sweeter with new pastries being introduced – all developed in conjunction with Master Pastry Chef Christophe Menard.

Among the featured desserts being introduced are: Caramelized Banana Tart – a chocolate concoction topped with dozens of thin spiraling slices of caramel-coated bananas, sprinkled with a pinch of powdered sugar.

Tanzanian Chocolate Cake with Molten Caramel -- a rich cake drenched in flowing caramel, and accompanied by a quenelle of vanilla ice cream. It features Tanzanian chocolate (75% cacao), a dark couverture that is said to balance the acidity and intense cocoa bitterness, “lifted by floral notes.”

Raspberry Tartlet with Lemongrass Cream – a ramekin-sized, baked raspberry-filled tart, capped with lemony cream surrounded by fresh raspberries.

In addition, the Oceania fleet is incorporating fine chocolates – from Papua New Guinea, Tanzania and Venezuela – into new desserts from Chef Menard: Yuzu and Venezuelan Chocolate Mousse with Hazelnut Croquant and Papuan Chocolate Volcano with Passion Fruit Heart and Caramel Lava.

Another of Chef Menard’s desserts – Chocolate Cake with Molten Pistachio and Griotte Cherries – has been created just for Tuscan Steak, the all-new specialty restaurant aboard Sirena. The newest addition to the Oceania Cruises fleet, the Sirena will enter service April, 27 2016 with a maiden voyage from Barcelona to Venice.

Oceania claims that no cruise line is more focused on food and culinary excellence with Master Chef Jacques Pépin serving as executive culinary director.