Fictional Film Zeroes in on Geiranger

The Norwegian movie Bølgen (The Wave) may be fantasy, but it is based on the fact that a large piece of the Aaknes mountain in the Geiranger fjord is moving. According to experts, it will sooner or later generate a massive rock slide, which, in the movie, led to a 80-meter (264-foot) high tsunami crushing all in its way.

The opening scenes of the movie shows cruise ships in Geiranger, but when the wave comes, there are no ships there. Instead houses, cars and boats are crushed, while a 10-minute warning (siren) gave some people the opportunity to escape on roads climbing up the mountain sides. Not all were so lucky, however.

Since premiering Aug. 28, Bølgen now tops the movie charts in Norway for attracting the most viewers (ever).

Not yet distributed internationally, Bølgen was shown at the recent Fantastic Fest for action films in Texas, and will be shown at an international film festival in London later this month. It is also expected that Bølgen will be Norway’s submission for the Academy Awards’ Best Foreign Film nomination.


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