Cruise Down Under (CDU), the peak cruise industry association for the Australia Pacific region, welcomes and endorses, in principle the report prepared by Access Economics for Carnival Australia titled “The Economic Contribution of the Cruise Shipping Industry to Australia”.

“The report outlines the enormous impact and potential the cruise industry has on the Australia Pacific region and the economic importance of the cruise industry should not be underestimated” CDU Chairman Richard Doyle said.

“There are differences noted in the Access Economics report to the previous industry research data compiled by CDU and AEC Group which looked at the impact of cruising to Australia and the effects of international inbound visitations. The Access Economics report looks at the total contribution of cruise shipping from a domestic perspective and includes domestic land based wages/employment etc.”

Both reports provide vital data in accessing the importance of the cruise industry, however in examining the reports, the two estimation approaches are fundamentally different and are not directly comparable.

“CDU will continue to work with the cruise industry and our partners as well as the Federal Government in raising the profile of the cruise industry’s contribution to the economy and the needs of the industry by way of infrastructure for its future development. The next economic impact report is due out in August at CDU’s annual conference in Melbourne “Doyle said.