After six years of development and numerous time studies, Brilliance Wipes unique non-toxic properties has revolutionize the cleaning of stainless steel, chrome, laminate and wood surfaces. The biodegradable cloth wipe with the natural organic formula cleans and polishes surfaces leaving a protective coating against smudging, markings, and finger prints.  Brilliance non-water based wipes are re-useable and will not dry out like water-based products.  One Brilliance Wipe will clean up to 100 square feet of surface area making Brilliance the economical choice for cleaning professionals.  Simple and safe to use (no gloves required), the large clothe wipe gives you a controlled cleaning application eliminating over spray accidents.  The residual effects of the Brilliance formula eliminates daily cleaning of stainless steel surfaces (i.e. elevator doors) to a cleaning regiment of every 3-5 days.  The use of soft towel wipe-down procedure between cleaning is all that is required to remove surface smudges and fingerprints, substantially reducing labor time.

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