LR: Statutory Alert on CO2 Monitoring in Europe

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has issued a statutory alert regarding the European requirements on reporting and verification of CO2 emissions, as part of an overall strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

According to LR, from August 31, 2017, all vessels over 5,000 tons trading to, from and between ports in the jurisdiction of EU member states will be required to carry on board a CO2 monitoring plan that has been reviewed by a third party verifier.

This plan must contain: vessel and company details; details of emission sources; procedures for plan updates; procedures for monitoring voyage times and distances; procedures for monitoring time spent in port/at anchor; procedures for monitoring fuel consumption, including: the monitoring method used; details of measuring instruments and data management; and the density calculation method; the emissions factors used for each type of fuel; and procedures for monitoring and recording cargo and passenger levels for each voyage.

Monitoring will be on a per-voyage basis, and data will be aggregated into an annual emissions report.

The first reporting period requiring monitoring will be from Jan. 1, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2018.

Once monitoring is completed, data collected in accordance with the monitoring plan will require verification by an approved third party.

Once the verification process is successfully completed, the vessel will be issued a Document of Compliance which will need to be kept on board for inspection.

The penalties for failing to carry a Document of Compliance include vessel detention and the issue of an Expulsion Order that prohibits entry into EU ports.

From 2019, verified annual reports must be submitted to the EU Commission and the flag authority for each vessel by April 30 of each year. These reports will consist of: vessel and company details; EEDI or EIV information (as applicable); the monitoring methods used; and the results of the annual monitoring.

The Commission will make this information publicly available by June 30 each year.



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