The major brands will continue to get new megaships into the future. (photo: Sergio Ferreira)The cruise industry’s growth trek will continue into the future, as current data from the 2015-2016 Cruise Industry News Annual Report shows significant capacity increases occurring over the next seven years.

Carnival Corporation will take its industry-leading position from roughly 10 million passengers this year to an estimated 13 million by 2022.

Royal Caribbean, meanwhile, will grow from over 5 million passengers to at least 7 million, and possibly more with no orders yet on the books for the 2020s.

Norwegian Cruise Line and MSC Cruises will see the most significant percentage growth between now and 2022. Norwegian is set to increase capacity by some 50 percent while MSC could double its 2015 capacity by 2022 based on seven new ship orders from an estimated 1.5 million to 2.9 million passengers

Ship withdrawals will be relatively insignificant as ships leaving fleets will generally be smaller, older vessels, while new tonnage coming in is expected to be of the megaship variety.

About the Annual Report:

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