Cruise the Saint Lawrence announced a $55 million investment by the Government of Québec, as set out in the 2015-2016 budget, for passenger greeting infrastructure projects at the ports of Québec ($35 million) and Montréal ($20 million).

"This announcement represents a crucial step in efforts devoted to secure funding and we greatly appreciate the support provided by the Government of Québec," stated Tony Boemi, President of Cruise the Saint Lawrence and Vice-President, Growth and Development at the Port of Montréal. "As our Saint Lawrence ports of call pursue their ambitious goal of providing the best welcome in the world, readers will understand that the cruise experience begins and ends at one or other of our primary gateways to the Saint Lawrence, namely the ports of Québec and Montréal."

Development projects at these two ports of embarkation and disembarkation are key to being able to support exceptional growth in international cruises in Québec, according to a release from the association.

In 2015, Destination Saint Lawrence will welcome over 275,000 passengers, more than double the number of passengers welcomed in 2008.

"Success of this order requires that we upgrade infrastructure to better provide for ever increasing traffic, while enhancing the overall cruise experience," said the Cruise the Saint Lawrence group in a statement. "For this reason, the Port of Montréal seeks to restore both Alexandra Pier and the marine passenger terminal. Commitment by the Government of Québec in this regard is important for seeing plans through to completion. Similarly, at the Port of Québec, greeting infrastructure has been revisited and tailored to better satisfy the requisites of demand."


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