Hempel Introduces New Pure Epoxy PSPC Compliant Coating

Hempel has launched a new coating called HEMPADUR QUATTRO XO, describing it as a high performance range of pure epoxy PSPC compliant coatings for marine newbuilds.

Although specifically developed for ballast water tanks in new vessels, according to Hempel, the new coating can also be used as a uni-primer for most vessel areas - above and below the waterline.

The IMO requires the use of a PSPC-certified coating for water ballast tanks and the launch, today, of a new range of pure epoxy coatings represents the latest state-of-the-art in pure epoxy technology, which delivers optimized performance based on customer requirements, the company said in a prepared statement.

The coating also promises high efficiency for yards due to fast drying and year around applications from -10C to +40C. And it can be upgraded with aluminum pigmentation and proprietary fiber reinforcement technology to enhance anti-corrosion properties and long-term durability with reduced maintenance.



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