On Monday morning, while sailing from Hong Kong to Sanya Hainan Island, Costa Victoria rescued the crewmembers of a burning fishing boat spotted in the Southern Chinese Sea.

During sailing the First Officer on watch spotted a troubled boat and immediately gave the alert to the Master and Staff Captain who decided to alter the ship's route in order to provide proper assistance.

A total of 12 crew were rescued and medically assisted onboard by the Costa Victoria crew.

Furthermore, Costa Victoria actively researched the other missing crewmembers, in cooperation with an helicopter of Sanya Hainan Island Coast Guard which reached the area.

Due to the severe conditions unfortuantely other two others did not survive. After having granted clearance by relevant authorities, Costa Victoria was able to resume her route after the rescue operations towards Sanya Hainan Island, where is scheduled to arrive as per her cruise route.

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