Peter Deilmann Sails the DeutschlandThe FTI Group is taking over all sales and marketing activities for Peter Deilmann and the Deutschland in the German, Austria and Swiss travel agent market, according to a statement released today by Peter Deilmann.

FTI Group identifies itself as the fourth largest German tour operator, and operates the one-ship FTI branded-cruise line, sailing the Berlin.

Direct bookings will still go straight to Peter Deilmann, however.

"We are looking forward to aspect of being able to offer a luxury cruise in our portfolio,” said Ralph Schiller, Group Managing Director of FTI Group, in a translated statement.

FTI will start selling cruises departing from Oct. 1, 2014, through its network of 11,400 travel agencies.

The two partners expect a significant increase in the number of bookings, according to the statement.

"With the FTI Group we gain a strong and rapidly growing distribution network. As the fourth largest German tour operator, they have enormous market power, of which there are long-term benefits,” said Christopher Nolde, managing director at Peter Deilmann.

Both Schiller and Nolde said that future economies of scale in ship management of two one-ship companies is not enough.