A recent episode of American network Fox’s New Girl could not have pleased CLIA and the general cruise industry.

The show is popular and targeted toward younger viewers and the highly-sought after 18-49 demographic, with the pilot episode receiving a 4.8 18-49 rating (10.28 million U.S. viewers) on the show’s debut in 2011.

In the episode airing May 6, 2014, the gang of friends the program revolves around gets locked into a cruise due to a non-refundable booking.

The episode was filmed aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach; a Carnival Cruise Lines ship is often seen in the background. The ship was called the “Wave Dancer” in the show’s episode, inviting passengers to “Dance on the Waves.”

Among the industry highlights during the show are no cell phone or internet access, a strange but very social captain, shooting fish as an onboard activity, tiny rooms with no balconies, a badly-run safety drill, a small spa, set activities (no Freestyle here), and general vibe of young people trying to make the most of what they are perceiving as an “un-fun” vacation option. Not to mention the interior and general look of a very old ocean liner.

At one point in the show a black and white photo of what appears to be the new Royal Princess at sea appears on a wall behind the main characters.

Battling negative publicity and trying to shed its fixed-seating image while launching the most exciting ships yet, the cruise industry was left in the dust during a primetime show that could have fixed perception issues for CLIA’s “new to cruise” more than a substantial marketing commitment.

Watch the show on Hulu here (U.S. only).

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