MHG Medical Management Services announced today that they have taken on the medical management for the satellite launch vessels, Odyssey Launch Platform and Sea Launch Commander.

MHG Medical will manage the operation of the medical facilities, including sourcing of, credentialing and hiring of medical staff, crisis and outbreak support, public health guidance, coordination and communication of maritime medical regulatory guidelines.

“MHG Medical is proud to be part of such a unique operation” said Peter Hult, President of MHG Medical. “Launching satellites from an ocean based launch platform is a highly specialized operation and, we are looking forward to working alongside the Sea Launch team for the next satellite launch”.

MHG Medical’s Medical Director, Dr. Bill Heymann is a co-founder of the Cruise Ship and Maritime Medicine Section of the American College of Emergency Physicians and remains an active member. He participated with this group along with the CLIA Medical Facilities Working Group in development of Health Care Guidelines for Cruise Ship Medical Facilities, which is the generally accepted standard in the cruise industry.