Oremar, the Carnival GSA in Argentina and other South American regions, has become the first travel agent in selling Carnival cruises online in the Spanish language throughout South America.
To achieve this breakthrough, Oremar has used FIBOS technology, supplied by the Spanish company IST, Cruise GDS.

Latin America has been pointed as a niche market for the new technologies due to the steady growing of internet users.

Oremar with the assistance of Carnival and the help of IST, their technology partner, has added a new web section aimed to book on-line Carnival cruises and exclusively for travel agents.

This means the first B2B on-line own channel targeted to book Carnival cruises in South America is now active.

Oremar has used the FIBOS technology supplied by IST.

FIBOS is the online solution to book cruises, having some 24 lines in the system.

During the first phase of the project, the South American subagents of Oremar and all the Argentineans travel agencies have been enabled to book through the B2B tool. Thereafter it will be increasingly granting access to the travel agencies which belong to the regions where Oremar acts as a GSA.

“We hope that the introduction of this tool will ease the travel agents work by doing the search and booking process more efficient, counting for the first time in the region with a on-line reservation system of Carnival Cruise Line in Spanish," explained Rolando Parera, general director of Oremar.

“During the last 15 years we have been developing, enlarging and improving our products with the purpose to increase the level automation of the travel agencies in selling cruise. Resulting from the expansion of the on-line world and the cruise industry in South America we see a growth opportunity which can be supported through our technology. Thanks to the possibility to be part of projects like this one, we felt more and more engaged with our mission,” added Manuel Sardi, General Director of IST.

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