As of Nov. 1, ship agent ship agent Paolo Risso & C. will double their presence in the Far East launching the new Hong Kong-based branch, after having strengthened their Singapore office that’s been providing full port logistic services to cargo and cruise ships for two and a half years.

“We have been conceiving a global plan to compete on all markets and export our philosophy to provide tailor-made services," said President and CEO Paolo Risso.

“Our Far Eastern branches entail the beginning of a global expansion plan aimed at attaining a leadership standing in several markets, after the considerable growth we achieved on the Italian and Monegasque markets over the last twenty years”, continued Risso adding that the favourable partnership with Diego Cosulich in Singapore induced them establishing a new branch in Hong Kong, as a preliminary step into the Chinese market.

“We are about to reach 4.000 annual calls and are currently conceiving new plans aimed at implementing a more international structure, such as possible joint ventures with international groups so as to be more competitive and provide a high quality ‘tailor-made’ service”.

The company, founded in 1946, boasts branches in Monaco, Italy, France, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Singapore and now Hong Kong.