SuperStar Gemini reached Xiamen’s shore on October 11 2013. Carrying 1,051 passengers, the ship set sail from its homeport Xiamen for Taiwan for the first time.

SuperStar Gemini’s inaugural cruise from Xiamen was the debut promotion of Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau’s new initiative to boost cross-strait international cruising. Xiamen Municipal Government Vice Mayor Kang Tao, Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau Deputy Director Zheng Weirong, officials and representatives from Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau, Xiamen Municipal Government, Xiamen Tourism Bureau and related authorities graced the milestone event on 11 October.

Star Cruises China Operations Senior Vice President Ang Moo Lim thanked the Xiamen Municipal Government, the Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau and all affiliated authorities for the support and assistance they have rendered to Star Cruises.

Ang said: “Star Cruises was founded by an overseas Chinese from Fujian. It grew from only one vessel 20 years ago to the number one cruise company in Asia-Pacific. Together with Norwegian Cruise Line, another premium brand under the same company, it is the third largest cruise operator in the world. The friendship of Star Cruises and Xiamen dates back to 1994 when Star Cruises first began to call at Chinese ports including Xiamen. We were the first international cruise line to enter the market and have since brought more than 1.2 million travellers to China from all over the world by cruise. What really excites us today is for SuperStar Gemini to be able to take Chinese travellers to Keelung, Penghu, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Hong Kong, Boracay and Manila for the first time with Xiamen being the homeport. We’d like to further develop these Xiamen-based itineraries and strengthen tourism in Xiamen so as to contribute to the development of Xiamen as a cruise homeport.”

The Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau has arranged a variety of traditional performances to commemorate the significant moment. Four lions did a joyful dance to wish passengers a bon voyage on SuperStar Gemini. The ship’s world-class dancers also put on an extraordinary dance performance to showcase the magnificent entertainment offered onboard. The officials and special guests went on a ship tour after the ceremony to familiarize themselves with the different amenities onboard the luxury cruise liner.

The market has reacted overwhelmingly to the Xiamen-based itineraries since the launch. Other than the 11 October cruise, SuperStar Gemini is also offering a 7D6N cruise sailing from Xiamen on 14 October to Boracay and Manila and a 6D5N cruise from Xiamen to Penghu, Keelung, Taichung, and Kaohsiung departing on 20 October.