Arnold Donald‘Our Strength is Scale and Our Brands’

Ultimately the market will decide, but after a long exclusive interview with Cruise Industry News, Arnold Donald conveyed that he has what it takes to bring Carnival Corporation back on course.

Assuming the role of CEO as of July 3, 2013, he left no doubt as to who is the new boss.

“I pay attention to detail,” he said. “I am quantitatively oriented. I trust the power of instinct and good judgment, especially when it is backed up by facts. Given the same set of facts, smart people will align around solutions. I will guide; I work collaboratively and collegially, but when needed, this is not a democracy.”

During the interview, Donald exuded energy, warmth, friendliness, humility and laughed a lot – totally relaxed and sure of himself.

Moving to the Next Level

Gianni Onorato“MSC Cruises has undergone tremendous growth. Now, for the next couple of years, we will not have a newbuild, so we can focus on fine-tuning operations and moving our organization to the next level,” said Gianni Onorato, who assumed his position as CEO of the privately held cruise company last September.

“We also have to adjust to the business environment, which is constantly changing. And it is time to look forward. I think you will see more good news from us in the near future.”

Travel Passion Gives Her Crystal Focus

Edie Bornstein brings with her a 32-year career in the travel industry, having held posts at a number of cruise lines, and most recently with Azamara Club Cruises.

“Feedback I’ve gotten from agents has been tremendous,” Bornstein added. “They know how pro agent I am and how I want to take our great relationship with the agent community globally and make it better.”

“The short- and long-term goal is to run a profitable, successful company, trying to get to 100 percent occupancy on every sailing,” she continued. “And the longer goal is to grow the brand.”

 So far, a pricing strategy implemented to avoid discounting by ensuring the best price to those that book early has been successful.
"The biggest challenge is that we are a two ship brand and we have such a robust brand experience, there is demand for more varying itineraries on a consistent basis,” Bornstein said. “With only two ships we can only offer two itineraries at a time. Our 2015 world cruise is already sold out.”

Excerpt from Cruise Industry News Quarterly Magazine: Winter 2013/2014