WIndstar: Upscale and Boutique

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John DelaneyWindstar can best be defined as an upscale cruising experience, according to President John Delaney, who took over the job in July.

“We have different experiences we offer,” Delaney told Cruise Industry News. “The three wind ships are an iconic way to travel in warm-water destinations.”

Carnival: Biggest and Most Expansive Offering

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Peter LeypoldAfter 40 years with cruise lines – more than 10 of those as Carnival Cruise Line’s Corporate Chef – Peter Leypold is as well versed in food at sea as anyone. Yet all this experience boils down to the cruise industry’s basic mandate, something he learned a long time ago. Call it hospitality 101.

Alternative Fuels: Technology Progress

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The Viking Lady of Eidesvik Shipping has run a testing program using a molten carbonate fuel cell operating at 650 degrees Celsius, with hydrogen as a fuel, generating 320 kW of power. The fuel cell fit into a container about three times the size of a standard 20-foot container.)Cruise lines are exploring alternative fuels, which, in addition to LNG, include battery power and fuel cells.

Battery technology has been advancing rapidly in the last few years, according to Andrea Cogliolo, director of marine, RINA Services.

Editorial #106

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Majestic PrincessFocusing on the Asia/Pacific region, including China and Australia, we are smitten by the enthusiasm of the cruise lines and port executives we have spoken to. China is obviously the big story and promises to drive the industry’s growth into the future. The Chinese market is set on an aggressive growth trajectory with more ships, including newbuilds, being deployed.