Spring 2016: From Bar to Shore with Norwegian

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Bermuda Triangle PunchNorwegian Cruise Line is building on successful brand partnerships in the beverage area to drive guest satisfaction and onboard revenue, all based on deployment.

“Guests have told us, and research has told us, that they want to see things that are unique to the region and obviously that will entice them to cruise more,” said Wes Cort, director, restaurant and beverage development and operations, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings.

Spring 2016: Seabourn: Growth Trek

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The 40,350-ton Seabourn Encore will be delivered later this year, marking a natural evolution of the brand, said John Delaney, senior vice president of marketing and sales.

Building on the three-ship Odyssey class, the Encore will trend bigger at 600 passengers, but still offer a Seabourn vibe. A sister ship, the Ovation, will follow from Fincantieri in 2018.

Spring 2016: Royal Caribbean Reducing Air and Water Emissions

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Reduced air and water emissions are essential parts of Royal Caribbean Cruises’ environmental stewardship strategy, according to its recent sustainability report. The company has been investing in emission purification systems (scrubbers), advanced wastewater, ballast water and bilge water treatment systems, in addition to energy saving technologies.

Winter 2015/2016: Editorial #103: Changing Times

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Quantum of the SeasThis will be a year of more changes.

The most attention-getting development will undoubtedly be the industry’s build-up in China, which in turn is causing some capacity adjustments in existing markets. However, with new 11 ships being introduced in 2016, all the major markets will see growth, as about 24 million passengers are expected to cruise, up from 22 million last year.