Cruise Ship Second Hand Market (1983-2016)

The Cruise Ship Second Hand Market Report (1983-2016) presents a yearly account of known ship transactions (sales, charters, etc.), giving an overview of trends over the years. This PDF report delivers instantly via email. Updated Dec. 2016.

Price: $299.00

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Included in this report:
  • 1983-2016 Cruise Ship orderbooks as independently sourced and published by Cruise Industry News. Each year (from 1983 through 2016) shows known vessel transactions based on fully independent research.
  • Ship transactions include cruise line, ship,  tonnage/passenger capacity, and terms (if available).
  • Data and information you need in just 15+ pages to plan to present a complete over view of cruise ship transaction history.
  • Instant download ability – no waiting for mail – this report is 100 percent digital.