2018-2019 Cruise Industry News Annual Report

The Cruise Industry News Annual Report 2018-2019 is the only information resource of its kind -- presenting the entire worldwide cruise industry in 400 pages. This resource book is like no other.

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The Cruise Industry News Annual Report 2018-2019 is the only information resource of its kind -- presenting the entire worldwide cruise industry in a 400-page report, from new ships on order to supply-and-demand scenarios from 1987 through 2027, including a future outlook including 2027+ growth projections for each cruise line, and detailed ship deployment by region and market of all the cruise lines.

Note: Above Page Previews Feature Pages From Last Year's Edition

There is also a comprehensive directory of cruise lines, as well as detailed information on port traffic and more.

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If you are looking for a complete past, present and future global briefing on the cruise industry, look no further.

• If you are a cruise line executive: CINA 2018-2019 gives you a total and objective overview of the industry, including profiles and growth forecasts for all the cruise lines through at least 2027.

• If you are a financial analyst: CINA 2018-2019 gives you independent company and market growth forecasts, including supply/demand scenarios through 2027.

• If you are a port executive: CINA 2018-2019 tells you about each line's ship deployments in your region, and tracks the growth of each port and each sailing region.

• If you are a supplier: CINA 2018-2019 gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about your involvement in the cruise industry.

• If you are a new supplier: CINA 2018-2019 gives you the market intelligence and sales leads you need to target the industry.

Who buys this report? Cruise lines, ports, suppliers, accounting firms, consulting companies, investment banks, think-tanks, universities and many more!

And more:

Macro Level: Big picture data for the major and minor players, showing their footprints in 2018 and projected out through 2027.

Micro Level: Additional data includes just about everything pertaining to deployment, berth breakdown, capacity projections, historical trends and much more. 400 pages of detailed information at your fingertips.

Brand Level Data: CINA goes ship by ship, brand by brand, with data reflecting market capacity, berths, market share and more.

Ship by Ship: Every ship in the global cruise fleet is accounted for in our research, from the latest mega ships to niche expedition vessels.

Region Analysis: Each major cruise region is broken down by brand, with number of ships, projected market capacity and market shares, with past data showing trends.

Shipping: The Annual Report ships via FedEx globaly, ensuring a timely delivery.